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Children's Day

On this Children's Day, relive your childhood or enjoy it with the little ones.
Children's Day is coming and we have many creative activities to do together with the little ones! 
As being a kid is synonymous with having fun, we decided to share activities that involve a lot of creativity, good times, and lots of laughter.
How about getting inspired by these activities to guarantee a fun and unique family day?

On this children's day, take an hour out of your rotine and create memories with the little ones.
Learn how to create a relief painting

Relief painting, in addition to being a super fun activity, allows children to learn about texture and relief. 
As a family you can create drawings, phrases, symbols, and much more with homemade salt! 
Read on to learn step by step how to create your own salt painting. 

Materials needed: 

Creation process:
1. First, with the help of a graphite pencil, create the outline of your drawing on paper.
2. Then, with the organic glue, outline your sketch.
3. Pour the salt over the created contour. This is where the magic starts to happen...
4. Next, remove the excess salt and prepare your brushes, because it's time for your drawing to gain color! 
5. With the help of the watercolors, your work is ready to be painted. 
6. After drying, your work is ready to be offered to someone special. Create messages for your loved ones.

Creativity has no limits! 

Tip: keep the brush damp whenever you paint your work, as the salt will slowly absorb the paint.  

On this children's day, spend a day full of fun and creativity.

If the little artists at home are more into decorative arts and crafts, these Fiskars scissors with decorative blades are ideal for creating fun and unique works!

Grab your cardboard and scissors and let your creativity flow! 

Materials you may need for this activity:

On this children's day, let all be little great artists.
Windmill Mold
Everyone, at some point in their childhood, have had their windmill. It's time to relive your childhood. 
Take advantage of these steps and build a windmill with the little ones at home. Surely this activity will stay in the memory of the whole family. 

Materials required:

Creation process:
1. With the help of the ruler and pencil, draw a square and then cut it out. Next, mark the middle of the square with a dot and, from that point, draw 4 lines towards all corners of the square.
2. To make the propellers for your windmill, start by cutting out the lines drawn earlier. Note: cut so that the vertex reaches the center. 
3. Next, with the help of the glue, join the ends of your square to the center. 
4. It's time to customize your windmill. In this case, we will place a yellow circle in the center of our windmill.
5. Once customized, glue the balsa to your windmill. This support will help you hold it. 
6. Your windmill is now ready to go outside and enjoy the wind! 
Related File:Windmill Mold (495.55 KB)
On this children's day, be a kid.
It's time to get your hands in the action!

Erasing has never been so much fun! Join the little ones and create your own erasers with Knorr Prandell modeling clay. This activity, besides being super fun, is ideal for stimulating creativity and improving children's motor and sensory skills. 

Creation method:
To harden in the oven, simply place the creation on an aluminum foil or on a glass plate and let it harden in the oven for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 125ºC. 

On this children's day spend an amazing family day.
Contest Regulations
Challenge for the little artists

On this children's day we want to celebrate the little artists in Portugal and therefore we decided to create a contest in our social networks, in which the winners (YES! We will have not 1, but 2 winners) are eligible to win 1 truck with Faber-Castell Connector Markers - 1 for each winner.

What does this contest consist of?
  • You have to share the work of the little artist on social networks using the hashtag #pequenoartistapda
  • Follow our instagram page (@ponto.das.artes) and Faber-Castell's instagram page (@fabercastellportugal). 

Do you have a little artist at home who would love to receive this truck? Then click here and share their work with us!

Note: you have until the end of May 31st to share the work of your little artist. 

Related File:Contest Regulations (105.29 KB)
On this children's day let creativity overtake your home.
Painting with elements of nature

Nothing like taking advantage of the good weather outside to explore the various elements that nature has to offer us such as leaves, feathers, pebbles, seeds, flowers, and more! 
For this activity, we will use fallen leaves from trees to create stamps and drawings.

Materials needed:

Creation Process:
1. After exploring the world outside, it's time to return home, clean up the elements of nature, gather all the materials and start painting!
2. Using gouache paint and a brush, paint one side of the leave.
3. Then, with some pressure, stamp the painted side onto the paper.
4. Carefully remove the leave.
5. Do the same process with other elements of nature, or with leaves of different sizes. Now it's time to let your imagination run wild and curtomize the stamps you created with the leaves.
6. Your work is ready to be offered to someone special. Create messages, characters, and much more with elements you find outside!
On this children's day, you can be whoever you want.
One of the advantages of being a child is that we believe we can be anything we want. 
On this children's day, spend a fun family day creating face paintings.
Watch this video and learn in 3 simple steps how you can transform yourself and your whole family, into a cat with Snazaroo face paints.