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Ponto das Artes
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About Us

The missionof both Quadrimóvel and Ponto das Artes is to bring value to its clientsthrough a diverse and updated offer of products. 

Founded in1989, Quadrimóvel is a family business with more than 30 years of experience,focused on the production and distribution of fine art supplies, decorativearts and Technical Stationery.
Given ourexperience and know-how in the field, we created Ponto das Artes stores withthe goal of bringing artists closer to us, by offering materials and services thatcan enable them to attain their full artistic potential.

Art is one of the purest forms of expressing emotions, thoughts and ideas.
We are mindful to changes, we want to motivate the creation and development of each artist, supporting them in all stages of their creative life.

Weunderstand that each artist has different needs. Hence, we are dedicated todeliver a personalized quality service and help each client to find thesupplies needed for their projects.
Reach your full creative potential with all the products we have at your disposal

We arepresent in every stage of the Artistic Journey. We deliver personalized servicestailored to each artist, such as framing, canvas and Stretcher bars.

How would the world be like without art?
How would artists be without Ponto das Artes?
In our stores, besides obtaining art supplies, you can learn with great artists.

We supportdiverse projects and events in the artistic community, and work closely withartists and professors to bring you the best products.

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