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Balsa Wood Stick

Balsa wood stick, a variety of sizes for all your needs as crafts, models, among others.All are 100 cm long.
How to Make a Purchase?

Balsa Wood Stick

Balsa wood stick, a variety of sizes for all your needs as crafts, models, among others.All are 100 cm long.
How to Make a Purchase?
Reference Description   Price (VAT Incl.) Promotion Amount
Reference: 110746 Size: 10 mm Color: --- Price: 1,92 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110747 Size: 12 mm Color: --- Price: 2,76 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110748 Size: 15 mm Color: --- Price: 3,94 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110797 Size: 25 mm Color: --- Price: 8,43 € Promotion -- Amount Unavailable
Reference: 110564 Size: 3 mm Color: --- Price: 1,13 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110565 Size: 4 mm Color: --- Price: 1,18 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110743 Size: 5 mm Color: --- Price: 1,28 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110744 Size: 6 mm Color: --- Price: 1,34 € Promotion -- Amount
Reference: 110745 Size: 8 mm Color: --- Price: 1,69 € Promotion -- Amount

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