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Ponto das Artes
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Folding Studio Lira Table Sketch Box Accessories
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Etching Presses Boards Ink Auxiliary Materials Accessories
Sculpture and Modeling
Modeling and Molds Equipments Boxes and Sets Auxiliary Materials Tools and Accessories
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Metals Ink Auxiliary Materials Accessories
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Adhesives Glues
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UTOPIA - Portuguese Center of Fantastic Art
Utopia - Portuguese Center of Fantastic Art, aims to promote, develop and sell Fantastic Art, on the slope of Fine Arts.

National Society of Fine Arts
The first organization that came into the history of the artistic movement among us, thanks to a work widely documented, was undoubtedly the Promotion of Fine Arts Society

Artistlevel.org - Online Art Community
ArtistLevel, as a portal will include all forms of art including photography, plastic arts, fashion, jewellery, restoration, decorative arts, architecture, design, cartoon, video, music… Because art is everything that is produced with talent.
Artistic School Soares dos Reis
The current Artistic School Soares dos Reis was officially established in January 1884, at the time being designated as the School of Industrial Design de Faria Guimarães Bonfim. Its activity began a year later in a poor facilities of a building housing the Campo August 24. In 1887, there is the intention to construct a building for the school, however, that changes its name to Industrial School Faria Guimarães. But the building constructed shall be delivered to the Asylum Abandoned Girls, keeping the school in the old building.
The ARQCOOP - Cooperative for Professional Insertion in Architecture, CRL is a nonprofit institution whose object of activity is the promotion, qualification and implementation of Architecture and Design, training and professional integration of young graduates, supporting and encouraging creating new opportunities.
ART LISBON - Contemporary Art Fair
ART LISBON is an initiative of cultural interest, covered by the Law of Cultural Patronage under Decree-Law n. º 74/99 of 16 March.

It is for the Portuguese Industrial Association / International Fair of Lisbon, a huge challenge to organize an art fair that is a reference for all those coleccionam, negotiate or simply prefer the contemporary art.

For its strong cultural component, the event represents an investment in this plan of AIP, which aims to contribute to the promotion of arts and culture through the promotion of collecting and encouraging the economic activities connected with it.
Make Easy Magazine - Decorative Arts
The magical world of Decorative Arts, Handicraft, Decoration, Tapestry, Design, timber homes and Quick Construction Systems. And we are still aware of the Child stuff, and needs, Early Childhood ... Enter the world of Tuttirév and ... surprise yourself.
XEREM Cultural Association
XEREM is a cultural association that aims to: develop, organize, develop, implement and disseminate cultural projects, social, artistic, educational under tran disciplinary and intercultural. Promotes activities locally, nationally and internationally, collaborating with public and private institutions, involving artists and diverse communities. In Portugal represents the Triangle Arts Trust network organizing the International Workshop Home and Abroad.
School of Fine Arts Gallery Pedro Serrenho
SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Gallery Pedro Serrenho - Contemporary Art, inaugurated on December 1, 2007.

Dubbed by its strict relationship with areas of Fine Arts, this space provides personalized support, according to coherent programs, created based on those who need to contact us. Thus, our goal of enhancing each proposal, we have:

Drawing / Painting - Adolescents and adults; Drawing the Human Body (with model), Art History, Drawing and Descriptive Geometry; Arts - Children; Workshops - Children on holiday; Workshops - Birthday Parties *
House of Stories Paula Rego
The House Stories Paula Rego appears in the picture Portuguese museum in September 2009 and since then has taken on national and international context, as a place for understanding the work of Paula Rego and her husband, Victor Willing.
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