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Terms and Conditions



1ª Clause - Subject:

1.1.- These clauses are applied to all content on the website Quadrimovel.com given by - Quadrimovel, Ltd. headquartered at Avenida das Industrias, Lote H Colaride 2735-213 Agualva-Cacém. to all agreements between the Quadrimovel, Ltd. and the client to carry out orders through this website.

1.2. - The Quadrimovel, Ltd. only accepts orders for products through this website, subject to the following conditions of sale.

1.3 These conditions may be modified at any time
, at all time with immediate effect after its exhibition at the site. You are bound by the terms of sale in force at the date of acceptance of your order, and therefore consult them regularly.

2º Clause - Terms of use:

Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the site Quadrimovel.com without prior written permission is prohibited for purposes other than strictly personal use.

The Quadrimovel, Ltd. retains the right to modify any content on this website at any time.

The website may provide links to external website any content of these links will be packaged with the rules of such websites.

Any typographical error at the discretion of the article, give the customer the right to terminate your purchase duly supported with their complaint.

The photos from the products may not correspond with the description.

Errors can occur in the prices specified in the website being made in preparing the verification of the order if this happens if the price is lower will refund the difference if the price exceeds inform the customer via e-mail and this may cancel or accept the order.

All kinds of promotional campaigns are limited to availability and are exclusive to the website.

3ª Clause - Order products and services

3.1 -Order:

3.1.1 - Choose the items you are searching, browsing items in our catalog or using the search function.
Add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping basket using the BUY option.

3.1.2 - If you want to continue shopping, just click the box that says "CONTINUE SHOPPING". So you can go at any time by adding items to your shopping cart that you can consult whenever you want by clicking on the image that lies at the bottom of the site. You can now view the items that have already selected and the amount to which they correspond. If at any time resolve to withdraw any product just pull the cart by clicking "REMOVE".

When you have finished your shopping then refer to your cart from this page and select "BUY".

3.1.4 - To finalize the order has to fill out the form. The site Quadrimovel.com safeguards the security of all data, so you can be sure that nobody else will have access to them.

3.1.5 - Clicking "OK" you will see a message that gives the indication that you will receive in your email the details of the order.

3.1.6 - You should await confirmation of the order and make the payment later.

3.2- Payment

Payment can be made with the following ways:

1) Bank Transfer
2) Payshop (Credit Card)
3) Direct deposit on one of our accounts

3.3- Delivery

3.3.1 - In normal cases the delivery of the order is 24-48 working hours, this term is applied after confirmation of payment made​​. In exceptional cases this period may be extended. If this situation occurs the customer will be notified via e-mail.

3.4- Shipping costs (conditions apply only to final consumer)

3.4.1- Shipping costs for orders to mainland Portugal in excess of € 75 will be 0€.

3.4.2- Shipping costs for orders to mainland Portugal less than 75 € will have a fee of € 5.00 per order.

3.4.3- In specific situations may be required increase in costs of transport and or packaging, for example in case of frames and canvas of large dimensions or articles, liquids or solids, heavy, and of low value.

3.4.4- If you cannot proceed to delivery to site and day compounded by the absence or any other situation that is the responsibility of the customer, the cost of a second delivery will be supported by it.

3.4.5 - In retail customers, apply shipping costs reported by the commercial zone.

3.5- Warranties, maintenance and repairs

3.5.1 - It is applied the existing legal provisions may be required and proof of purchase of the asset. The prices do not understand, generally, any maintenance or repair techniques, except what is provided in the materials provided guarantees. All products will be subject to a guarantee of proper operation ensured by the respective brands. In case of defective product, it shall be communicate the same to Quadrimovel, the task of managing this process.


3.7.2 - The Quadrimovel, Ltd. is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the products they sold.


3.6- Return product

3.6.1 - The Quadrimovel, Ltd. is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the products they sold so it will be a verification of the product to proceed to exchange the product or not.
3.6.2- If the package has obvious damage on delivery, reference these damage when signing the carrier guide.

If the product shows anomalies, injury or damage you may contact the after-sales service to resolve the situation.

4ª Clause - Privacy

4.1- All data provided by the customer in Quadrimovel site are the hole responsibility of the customer.
The site Quadrimovel.com guarantees that this information is not used with any promotional purposes either by mail or telephone, or will be disclosed to any other organization or company. The data may be used only for sending publications or other correspondence, sending "press releases" or notifications by e-mail, delivery of goods or prizes and the issue and send invoices resulting from orders received "online" .

5ª Clause - Law and Jurisdiction

5.1 - Any agreements and documents that are applicable to these conditions of sale are governed by Portuguese law. Disputes arising out of any agreements or documents which are applicable to these conditions of sale shall be submitted to the competent courts of Sintra.
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