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Terms and conditions


1.1.These clauses areapplied to all content on the website given by - Quadrimovel,Ltd. Collective person nº503122823 with headquarters at Avenida das Industrias,Lote H Colaride 2735-213 Agualva-Cacém, and to all agreements between theQuadrimovel, Ltd. and the client to carry out orders through this website.
1.2.The Quadrimovel,Ltd. only accepts orders for products through this website, subject to thefollowing conditions of sale.
1.3.These conditionsmay be modified at any time, at all time with immediate effect after itsexhibition at the website. The customer is bound by the terms of sale in forceat the date of acceptance of its order, and therefore should consult themregularly.

2.Terms of Use.
2.1.Reproduction,transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the site Quadrimovel.comwithout prior written permission is prohibited for purposes other than strictlypersonal use.
2.2.The Quadrimovel,Ltd. retains the right to modify any content on this website at any time.
2.3.The website mayprovide links to external website any content of these links will be packagedwith the rules of such websites.
2.4.Any typographicalerror at the discretion of the article, gives the customer the right toterminate its purchase duly supported with their complaint.
2.5.The photos from the products may not correspond with the description. 2.6.Errors can occur in the prices specified on thewebsite. Hence, during the preparation of the order a verification will be made.If the price is lower, we will refund the difference, if the price exceeds, wewill inform the customer via e-mail and the customer may cancel or accept theorder.
2.7.All promotionalcampaigns are limited to the available stock and are exclusive to the website.

Products andservices orders.
3.1.Choose the itemsyou are searching, browsing items in our catalog or using the search function. Addthe items you wish to purchase to your shopping Cart using the "BUY” option.
3.2.Access theshopping cart whenever you want by clicking on the "CART" image atthe top right of the website, and then VIEW CART. You will then be able to seethe items already selected and the amount they correspond to. In order toremove any products from the cart, please click on "REMOVE".
3.3.When the products selected are completed, to proceed with the payment,access your shopping cart and select "BUY”.
3.4.To finalize the order, the the delivery location, shipping method andpayment method details must be filled on the form. The safeguards the security of all this data, so you can be surethat no one else will have access to it.
3.5.By clicking on "FINALIZE ORDER" A message will appear givingthe indication that the details of the order will be sent through email.

4.1.Payment can bemade within the following methods:
4.1.1.Credit Card;
4.1.3.ATM Reference;
4.1.4.MB Way;

5.Delivery – Shipping Charges.
5.1.Delivery times arefrom 1 to 4 working days for shipment + transport, this deadline is appliedafter confirmation of payment. In exceptional cases this period may beextended. In case this situation occurs, the customer will be notified viaemail. For customized products, for example, made-to-measure screens, theminimum delivery time is 7 working days.
5.1.1.Shipping costsMainland Portugal - conditions appliedonly to the final consumer: costs fororders to mainland Portugal over €75 will be free of charge (€0). costs fororders to mainland Portugal less than €75 will have a one-time fee of €5.00 perorder. specificsituations, an increase in transport and/or packaging costs may be required,for example in the case of large crates and screens or very heavy, low-value,liquid or solid items. it is notpossible to deliver at the agreed place and day due to absence or any othersituation that is the responsibility of the customer, the costs of a seconddelivery will have to be borne by the customer. costsMainland Portugal - Conditions for retail customers: the shipping costsinformed by the local salesperson apply.
5.1.2.Islands - Delivery times are from 1 to 4working days for shipment + transport, this deadline is applied afterconfirmation of payment. to theIslands, Azores and Madeira is carried out by specialized carriers, the cost oftransport being borne by the Customer. The order will only be processed after confirmation of payment of shippingcosts. The cost of this shipment is paid to Quadrimóvel, depending on the indicationof the delivery time.
5.1.3.Europe and Rest of the world - Delivery times arefrom 1 to 4 working days for shipment + transport, this deadline is appliedafter confirmation of payment. payment ofexpenses related to the shipment of the order is the sole responsibility of theCustomer, which is an amount calculated by means of a budget. final value isconfirmed by Quadrimóvel after preparation of the order, depending on theweight and volume of the products.
5.1.4.Delivery to stores - Withdrawal only at the MegaStore of Cacém.- From 1 to 4 working days. the customerchooses delivery in stores, it will only be shipped from the warehouse afterpayment. customer isinformed of the date from which the order will be available in the store forcollection.
5.2.If you needadditional information regarding deadlines and shipping costs, please call-+351 214 314 830, working days from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, or contact us viaemail:
5.3.If you want your order to be shipped through an operator of your choice, you must put thisinformation in the order remarks field if you are placing your order over theInternet, if you choose another route, you must communicate which freightforwarder you want.
5.4.If the packageshows apparent damage on delivery, the customer must refer to this damage whensigning the carrier's guide. If not, Quadrimovel is not responsible for damagescaused in the transport of the products.

6.1.If you are not satisfied with the item purchased, you have 15 days to request an exchange or return. Exchanges are only accepted, in accordance with the legislation in force, upon presentation of Proof of purchase, item purchased in the original conditions of sale, original packaging of the item and its accessories and components.
6.2.Refunds are made as soon as the product is received, and the original packaging and product are verified to be in good condition.
6.3.The legal provisions in force apply and proof of purchase of the good may be requested.
6.4.In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity closest to his residence. You can also consult the Consumer Portal at or call 707 788 787.

7.Maintenance and Repairs.
7.1.The prices charged do not, as a generalrule, include any maintenance services or technical repairs, except as providedfor in the guarantees of the materials supplied.
7.2.All products willbe subject to a guarantee of proper functioning, guaranteed by the respectivebrands.
7.3.In the case of adefective product, you must communicate it to Quadrimóvel, who will be incharge of managing this process.
7.4.A Quadrimóvel, Ltd. is not responsible for damages resulting fromimproper use of the products sold by it.

8.8.Return of Products.
8.1.The customer has amaximum period of 15 days to freely resolve the purchase agreement entered intowith Quadrimovel, provided that for this purpose he returns the purchasedproducts, in the conditions of use in which they were at the time of delivery,without payment of compensation, and without the need to state the reason.
8.2.For this purpose, the Client must informQuadrimovel, through the means indicated in point 8.7, before the end of thewithdrawal period.
8.3.The Return of the products, as well as the delivery of theirsubstitutes or the issuance of a credit note or cash refund, will be carriedout on a date to be agreed. You must always return the products in theiroriginal packaging, with all accessories and the corresponding purchasereceipt.
8.4.The Customer mustreturn the goods without undue delay and no later than fourteen (14) days fromthe day on which he informed Quadrimóvel of the termination of the contract,considering that the same is respected if the Customer returns the goods beforethe expiry date of this period of 14 (fourteen) days.
8.5.The Customer mustfully bear the costs of returning the goods in the event of exercising theright of free termination of the contract. In the case of the return of goodsthat, by their nature, cannot normally be returned by post, the Customer mustbear the direct costs of said return, which are associated with the shippingcosts.
8.6.Quadrimovel, not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the products soldby it, so a product check will be carried out in order to exchange the productor not.
8.7.If the productpresents anomalies, physical damage or malfunction, you can contact the salessupport service, through the following means:
- Phone: 214 314 830
- Address: Av. DasIndustrias, Lote H – Colaride. 2735-213 Agualva-Cacém.

9.Campaigns and Discounts.
9.1.Website automaticallychooses the discount that benefits the customer the most.
9.1.1.Customer Discount registering onthe Ponto das Artes website, the Customer benefits from a 10% discount at allPonto das Artes stores (including the Ponto das Artes e-commerce website). discount isnot cumulative with existing campaigns.
9.1.2.Quantity Discounts. products maycontain quantity discounts. The quantity discounts are successive withcampaigns in force on the products and with the customer discount.
9.1.3.Promocodes. arenon-transferable promotional codes, received through an email campaign. use thediscount, simply enter the promocode in the shopping cart.
9.1.4.Type of discount: (Value); Value (Value); Shipping;
9.1.5.Promocodes are notcumulative with customer discounts.

10.1.All data providedby the customer in Quadrimovel site are the hole responsibility of the customer.
10.2.The Website guarantees that this information is notused with any promotional purposes either by mail or telephone, or will bedisclosed to any other organization or company.
10.3.The data may beused only for sending publications or other correspondence, sending "pressreleases" or notifications by e-mail, delivery of goods or prizes and theissue and send invoices resulting from orders received "online" .
10.4.You can alsoconsult our privacy policies on this page.

11.1.Any agreements and documents that are applicable to these conditionsof sale are governed by Portuguese law. Disputes arising out of any agreementsor documents which are applicable to these conditions of sale shall besubmitted to the competent courts of Sintra.